Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not a Good Finish

I had a decent week going along until today. Instead of getting up and getting a run in, I slept in and took no steps forward in my goals. Everything was back from training to nutrition to hydration and everything in between. I simply did nothing positive today. Sure, I was a little sore from the snow run yesterdat at Wildlife, but no excuses for how badly I dropped the ball today. Coach Kane always said "you either get better or worse every day. You never stay the same." I know he paraphrased that from Woody Hayes, I believe, but you get my point. Today was definitely a step (or more) back kind of day. Tomorrow begins a new week. No extra meetings or events until Friday which shouldnt interfere with my schedule at all. My goals are very simple....take positive steps topwards my goals every day. That means not missing runs or workouts, recovering smart, fueling right, hydrating and stretching regularly. Cant have days like today. April 9th is coming fast!


Mike Howard said...

You have to recover ! Saturday was a tough race in the didn't hurt yourself by taking Sunday off.

Get back at it this week !

Mike Howard said...

How did the run go today ?

Midz said...

Postponed til Monday. I worked OT last night.