Sunday, August 08, 2010

Canton Bi-Tri Classic Recap

Overall I'll call this day a solid effort with room fro improvement. I had a decent first run, a solid bike and hung on for the last run. I was happiest with my bike which showed some improvement on a tougher course. In fact, I won my age group! It was a great tune up for Charleston which has become an "A" race for me. Two things need to be a contant in my training for the next few weeks...bricks and speed. My transitions sucked. I can honestly sit here and tell you I lost around 90 seconds on transitions alone. Also, I have to be stronger on the 2nd run. The only way to get over that hump faster is by doing some bricks. I also need to find another gear. It's just that time of the season where I can and should be a little faster. My 7:30 pace on the first runneeds to be closer to 7 or just under. And my second run should absolutely be more like 8 than the 8:45 I turned in. I have it in me, I just need to work for it.

My fleet has grown again! You can now add a motorcycle to my array of bikes, kayaks, etc.

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