Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swampy Indeed

A stormy morning left the Swamp Dog course slippery and slimy in places. Overall, the course stayed firm, but greasy...especially on the hills. Lucky for us we were on Plank and New trails so there were many small hills with sketchy footing. I had a decent race coming in at 63 minutes. I screwed around behind some walking traffic as we ducked into the trail and it cost me some time. The elusive 60 minute trail 10K still unatained. I did have an unexpacted surprise when my buddy the Milkman showed up to run. The guy literally signed up about 15 minutes before the start. He came in right behind me too! The guy is an animal!

Later in the afternoon I stopped by Bushwacker and picked me up a new PFD for the kayaks. When I got home I took em out on the pond again for a quick couple laps. I had a great opportunity to shoot down the Mackinaw tomorrow, but I'm working a little side gig at the airshow. Maybe next week.

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