Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swamp Dog 10K This Saturday

Wish I could tell you I've been training hard and getting ready for this race, but that's not the case. Fact is, I havent done much this past week. I'll get a bike patrol ride in tomorrow and probably hit Jubilee on Friday for a nice tempoish run to loosen my legs up but that will be it. I'v got to put some solid weeks together the next couple weeks leading up to Canton. I would like to have a strong effort there. My speed work will start becoming a priority as well over the next 5 weeks leading up to The Hanna City Hustle 5K. That should be my fastest 5K of the season and I'm really shooting for a PR at that one.

I am the proud new father of two kayaks! Thanks to Brother Matt Brakeville for allowing me to provide the new home. I havent even had them out on a river yet but they have been a blast on the pond here. I even got Tiffers out on one yeasterday and she did great! I was really proud of her for both the willingness to give it a try and the fact she did so well. She got everywhere she wanted to go. She got herself out of a couple tight spots and she never panicked.

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mattonne said...

Enjoy them Midz, don't get up a creek without the-you-know-what :)