Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jubilee Trail Race Recap

Nice day to run a 10K out at Jubilee today. The numbers were down a little for this race today, not sure why. Too bad because the course was a blast. It had some familiar favorites in it like Ski Hill and West Side Hill, but we got to run on a few of the North trails too with some creek crossings which made for a good time. Also got to run on Shawn's Trail which I havent been on in years. My race went ok. I stuck to my plan of staying relaxed and comfortable for as long as I could. I really tried not putting any numbers in my head, but as the race wore on I thought I had a shot at sub 1 hr. At about 1.3ish miles out I was just over 50 minutes and still had a chance. I stayed steady until the last couple rollers and picked it up for the finish gaining a couple spots in the process. Unfortunately I missed my time and came in just over 61 minutes. I made at least one tactical error that cost me some time not making a pass on some singletrack when I should have. I'm not sure it cost me the minute I needed but in hindsight, I would have done that differently. All in all it was a solid effort and my legs felt strong and quick at the end. I'm definitely on the right track with about 4 weeks left until Canton Bi.

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