Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Are They or Aren't They

I'm unsure about where my legs are today. I stuck with my plan and only rode the parade on Sunday, then refueled/hydrated/recovered. Monday was spent at tac practice and no training. Today I went out to Jubilee and ran a very ez paced 35 minutes on the roads. It was 1130 by the time I got there and temps were already close to 90 so I never pushed myself. My legs felt fine for what I was doing, but didnt answer any questions. I'm hoping to get some kind of ride in tomorrow, but I have an appointment in mid to late morning so hard to tell if I can squeeze a ride in or not. Thursday will be an off day and if the weather cooperates I'll head back out to Jubilee to run a few sections of the course for Saturday for 30 minutes or so. I'm hoping to get out there early and make an attempt to at least reach and maintain speed for a few minutes. Hopefully that will give me some indication of where my legs are at.

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