Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog, I missed You!

Despite my blogs inactivity, I've actually been quite active. I'll start with a "Readers Digest" version recap of the season so far...The triathlons just not happening right now. Noone's fault but my own for not swimming. I made the decision about a month ago to look into the du's/bi's again and I felt like a weight was taken off my shoulders. It's been fun again. Since my last post in April I won the police division of Run to Remember, won my age group at the West Peoria Jamboree, completed my first Adventure/Orienteering race (despite some errors I had a blast. definitely hooked and am looking into buying a kayak); and just yesterday got a top 10 finish in my first du of the year in Newman albeit a limited field. Throw in some trail runs here and there and I've done o.k. Unfortunately I havent been able to get a mtb race in yet this year but I'll keep trying.

On the work front, guess what has two thumbs and is a certified sniper....this guy!

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