Saturday, April 03, 2010

Fell Off the Horse

Since I left for Alabama, training has been non existant. I finally got some Simple Fit in on Tuesday and got out to Jubillee on Thursday to run the CRUD 8 course, but thats been it. No swims and no bike in the last two weeks. No one to blame but myself though. I've already wasted today and tomorrow is Easter. With any luck, I can slip a ride or run in after Tiffers goes to bed. Then next week needs to be on spot. No missed workouts and solid efforts all week before leaving for Chapaign for a week. I will have plenty of time to run and even swim while I'm there and I know the area which will help. I have some important events coming up starting next month like Run to Remember, CRUD 8 Relay and two fit tests for the tac teams.

Easter Sunday: afternoon gravel grinder
Monday: tac practice
Tuesday: simple Fit/core/swim
Wednesday: Ride (2 hr)
Thursday: Trail run (45-60 min)
Friday: bench/core/swim
Saturday: long run (90 min-2hr)
Sunday: Ride (3-4 hr)

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mattonne said...

You need to get back on that horse and post up again Bruther!