Friday, February 05, 2010

Have Pool, Not Excuses

I am officially a member of the Riverplex. My county discount was great and if I go 12 times/mo it is free. I couldnt really argue with that. The best part is that I can lap swim just about anytime during the day so I have no excuses for not getting my swimming in now. Plus I can sign in and then run along the river front if I want so that's cool. Overall, it just made sense. I'm not thrilled about the 25 minute drive in, but am willing to suck it up. Plus I can drive the squad car in and get some training in prior to my workday starting. Just no good reason to not do it. I might even hit it up tomorrow just to tour he place and see what all it has to offer.

1 comment:

mattonne said...

I hope that side arm is nickel plated for all your aquatic activities...:)