Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not Exactly Dolphin Like

Well, I've been in the pool twice's ugly. I have a lot of work to do before June, luckily I have until June. I think once I get the breathing techniques down, things will get much, much better. I orderd a swimming DVD/book the other day and I hope it gets in facst. I am also planning on doing an indoor tri at my gym just for the experience in a little over 1 month. It's not much, but its something on the not so distant horizon that I can shoot for. Aside from that I'm having a pretty good week in terms of getting my sessions in. Saturday I did the first CITRA race of the year at WPP. I followed that up with my first swim session on Sunday morning before Tiff and I skipped town for Valentines Day (which was awsome by the way. We had a great long weekend together). I had a nice trainer ride with the Milkman yesterday and followed it up with a short run today. Tommorrow it will be back in the pool. I'm going to really concentrate on getting my breathing down by swimming one length at a time, rest/evaluate and repeat. I am hoping to get 9-10 laps in total. The rest of the week will go something like this:

Fri: swim-focus on breathing
Sat: long run-45 min @ Indy
Sun: swim-more breathing work bike:45 min gravel grinder

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