Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Return to the Dungeon

It was a long walk down those wooden steps to the darkness and cold air. Setting up the trainer and bike seemed so tiresome and daunting a task. But then...the video kicked in and in his familiar position to my left was the Milkman. The sweat started rolling and the gears were clicking. Out of the saddle we went tearing up the imaginary hills and twists and turns of the European sideroads. 45 minutes later, it was over and I was a better man because of it......Now I have to follow it up with a run tomorrow. An outside run that is. It's time to start braving the elements more and strengthening my resolve. Kicking my ass mentaly in tough conditions preps me for taking care of bisiness in maybe better conditions later...or perhaps worse. I need to continue to push myself in both areas. I have big plans and big goals ahead this year in several arenas. My physical shape and mental resolve will be tested like it never has before.

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