Thursday, January 14, 2010

I've made some progress the last couple weeks. Not very much mind you but at least I'm going in the right direction. I'm finally settling into a doable workout schedule...I think. Changing shifts, days off, joining the CIERT/ILEAS teams and deciding I want do add a whole new discipline to my game (swimming) has been a challenge to say the least. I'm finally sticking some workouts as scheduled. I am hoping to finally take the plunge on the swimming within a week. I'm a little nervous to start it, I admit that. But I've gotta take that first step. My new jammers and goggles are waiting by the door. They just need a ride and someone willing to use them...guess thats me.

I took the Roubaix to Little Ades on Tuesday and had my bike fit done. I've never had one done before and Mike Just got back from Specialized FIT program school. It was impressive to say the least. We made a few minor as well as a few major changes to my setup and I could feel an imediate difference in my shoulders and hands. I would reccomend it to anyone who rides much. As soon as he gets some more experience, we're gonna research the Tri fit and give it a go on the new bike. I took the Kona out today for a snow ride and will be making some adjustments to it based on what I learned with the Roubaix.

About that snow ride...started off good. I was actually dressed a bit warm for the 32 deg temps, but easy to take layers off if needed. I noticed the back of the bike was all over the place early into the ride. I checked the skewer and wheel a couple times and it couldnt find the problem. The situation worsened about 40 minutes in and I couldnt ride ride the bike at all. The play was so bad it was rubbing both chain stays. I decided maybe I had a broken spoke and checked them. To my surprise, almost every spoke on my rear wheel was loose...VERY loose. I'm not sure how that happened but it was unsafe to ride. I called Tiffers and had her come pick me up. Looks like its back to Little Ades tommorow for a fixer up.

My buddies were happy to see me again. They come out to see me every time I run or ride by.

Walking It back home


mattonne said...

Your lucky with the spokes, last time my bike did that both pivots were broken :(

BTW, George Carlin said swimming isn't a sport. Swimming is a way to keep from drowning :)

Midz said...

That's appropriate, cause my tri is: keep from drowning-fool yourself into thnking you're making up time on the bike-drag yourself to finish line.

Mike Howard said...

I posted ! I posted ! We need a Rock Island Trail ride.

Midz said...

Lets do it then! I've got my patrol bike and the Nishiki still up and goin. The Kona should be back this week.

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