Monday, January 04, 2010

The End of MNF...The Start of Training 2010!

You bet your sweet ass! Today begins anew the hopes and dreams of 2010. Starting weight...213 lbs. About 8 up from normal so not too bad actually. With the training comes a new works schedule and probably tac team stuff to be coming soon. This week will be all about getting my ass up and getting work in. Next week I hope to literally, test the waters and beging a swim program. I consulted with the head of aqauatics for Peoria Park Dist on this one and she suggests I get with one of her staffers for a few 1/1 time sessions just to work on some fundamentals to get me started and touch base with them every so often to see how I am progressing. Depending on how my week goes, I may even slide down this week and get in the pool a time or two and introduce myself. $1.50/lap swim session...not too bad. JUst gotta want it and get my ass up and out the door early enough to get it in. If my work gets done early I can always catch a cat nap before work.

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