Sunday, November 15, 2009

Date Set

Looks like my test for the CIERT team will be on 12/9. About a week sooner than expected, but no worries. I will be ready. It will keep me extra motivated the next few weeks for sure. I'll be keeping my training short and hard for the most part during that time. Probably no biking and no runs over 45 minutes. I have a 4 miler scheduled for 11/28, but that shouldnt interfere with anything. I'll just use it as a training run. I'll need to saty focussed on my bench and make sure I'm doing some weighted pull ups between now and then but as of now I'd say I'm on track. After that it will be Tri-Training mode. The tri club here gets some lap time at a couple of the local high schools for a very minimal charge so I plan on taking advantage of that. Which reminds me, I actually signed up for my first tri which will be the Quad City Sprint Tri on 6/19. Hows that for a reality check?

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