Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Back To Bradley Park

It had been a long time since I did a run in Bradley Park and today seemed to be as good a day as any. I was already going into town early for coffee, so I decided to bring my running gear with me. I really enjoy running there and it has everthing from scenery to some ass kickin' hills to run. In '07 when I was running the ultras, Bradley was my training ground in the nasty winter months. So on a day when I really wasn't planning a run of any kind, a quick loop at the park was a positive. So positive in fact that I plan on hitting it weekly after my coffee with Coach Smith.

I attempted benching on Monday was ugly. I know that I'll have my physical agility test coming up soon so I'll be throwing some dedicated bench sessions into my planning starting tonight. I dont have a lot of time so I'm going right into 3 sets of 3 so I can get my 1 rep max up fast. I'm guessing I have 4-6 weeks to get ready, but who knows. It could be next week for all I know. The other tests on the list, although challenging, look very doable for me right now. 60 yd dash, 400 m run, tower sprint, pull up, team member drag are all some of the other tests and they will be done while in full gear.

Sent my sign ups in today for the FOLEPI run and the Siberian Express. These are two really fun and well ran events that will keep my training honest for the remainder of the year.

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