Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Weekend of Bike Patrol

The new routine will be a bit altered the next couple nights to squeeze in my last two patrol rides. It being Holloween weekend and all, there should be plenty to see as long as it stops raining. Its been like a monsoon season here the last few days and it's getting old. I'm begging for a little sun. Hopefully the weekend is nicer for Holloween and me mum's 70th birthday party on Sunday. Tiffster and I will be making the trip over for that as part of our long weekend.

My first Simple Fit session went great Wed night. It was my record for max reps on 1/1 with 38. As long as I'm smart and dont overdo things I will really have a jump on 2010 in terms of base and overall fitness. I will be including some benching to the mix too though for the remainder of the year, simply to test for another specialty position at work. I'll probably throw in some other cross training activities as well that may help me for the test.


Mike Howard said...

I started on simple fit last week,2nd week starts Monday... See you Monday night ?

Midz said...

You bet!