Monday, October 05, 2009

Flu Bug

It seems that I've been truck by the flu the last couple days. I went to work Saturday night feeling...not myself. By the end of watch on Sunday morning I was becoming miserable with chills and gi distress. I slept most of the day Sunday and decided to tough it out at work. That was probably a mistake. The horrible bloat was the worst I'd ever had. It hurt to even hit bumps in the road. At about 0400 on Monday I was beginning to get some relief. I went out of sevice at home and again went right to bed. When I woke up I finally felt much better. I have a slight lingering headache but I'm attributing that to all the sleep and probably a little dehydrated. I've been sipping Heed all day and was finally able to eat this afternoon...some scrambled eggs. Unfortunately I'm working OT tonight and tomorrow so I'll need to manage my rest and hydration accordingly. I really need to get a very short, fast run in tomorrow just to loosen my legs for my FIT test bonus on Wednesday morning. I know I can get it in my sleep, but I still like to be prepared.

I've decided to continue on course for the Farmdale Trail Run. At its conclusion, I'm going to start adding some strength training back to the mix. There's probably going to be an opportunity for a position at work for 2010 that I'm interested in and I want to be prepared when its time to test for it.

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