Friday, October 02, 2009

Finally....Back to Some Speed Work

Albeit very minimal. I did 6 short intervals today on the treadmill. That's the first real speed work I've done in over 3 months and I feel pretty good. I followed it up with some nice stretching and really targeted the hamstring. I feel great actually. I had to stop myself at the 6 though. I was doing 12 prior to the wheel going bad on me and I decided I'd do as many as I could comfortably, but no more than 6. Farmdale could end up being one of my better races of the year!

I also got my sign up in for the River Trail Classic at the end of November. That was a great race for me last year and set the tone for my early season training. Today I'm off to see the boys at Little Ades to do some checking on a possible Tri bike and maybe even a 29er singlespeed.

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