Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Farmdale Trail Run

Four days out from the Farmdale race, the unofficial end to my season. A season that really ended back in July. Once the Farmdale race is in the books I can start really planning and working towards 2010. My motivation right now is low for this race and I'm almost looking past it towards next year. This season has just been a grind on me both physically and emotionally. I will be happy to see it end. That said, I need to find some focus for Saturday or it will be a miserable experience. Any small victory will allow me to end it on a positive and help springboard me towards next year. It's a stressful week already as I wait to interview for a new position and attempt to kick the chew...again. I'm not dealing well with any of it right now. I'm moody and short tempered. Maybe a nice run through the woods will be good for me.

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