Sunday, September 27, 2009

Double Spoiled by Rain

With the rain the last couple days, the double has been reduced to a single. The intense rain forced PAMBA to adjust the start times for todays races by two hours to allow them to hold the event. Even if I had a strong bike race, it would have been a challenge to get to the trail run on time. Since I have more invested in the CITRA series, I've decided to skip the mtb race and focus on the trail run at 2 p.m. Five miles on a slippery Indy will be challenge enough for me at this point. Todays smart and injury free, let the race come to me and finish strong. Then I have a few weeks to prepare for the CITRA finale, an 8 miler at Farmdale. I'm trying to keep my attention on finishing '09 as best I can, but it's been hard to not think about next year. I've been noting my strengths and weaknesses that I want to address over the winter and changes to training for next year to maintain over the course of the year. I'll discuss those here at a later date when I recap the season. For now, I need to keep my mind on today's race and prepare.

Warmer than avg. temps today around 80 and sunny at race time. I'm sure I'll be welcomed with sloppy conditions at Indy, however Indy dries the fastest of all the area trails so I wont be surprised if they are better than expected. Little less than 5 hours til race time. I'm gonna head to to Farmdale to see the beginning of the races and catch up with a few buddies then its off to take care of my own business. Tonight Tiffany and I will celebrate our 9 year mark together. It was actually on Thursday the 24th. I'm a very lucky guy to have her so no matter what happens today I have something to celebrate.

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