Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Double and Some Future Plans

Ith the Du behind me and breathing some new life into me, I'm pretty stoked for the Farmdale MTB/Indy Trail run double on Sunday. Again, I know that my results wont be spectacular, but completing it will be noteworthy for me. From there it's continuing to heal and maybe even train for the Farmdale Trail Run on Oct. 18th. That will pretty much conclude my season. I will probablydo another race or two, but mostly I'll be planning for 2010. A new seed has been planted also...I plan on competing in the biking events and/or triathlon at the 2011 World Police and Fire Games in New York. At least one other guy from my department will be going out for Judo also. The schedule looks doable for us to get out and get our events done. Not sure about the tri. That will depend on how things go in 2010. 2010 prelim ideas include some tri/XTerra events, the CITRA series, and some MTB races. Maybe dabble in some endurance stuff too. One event I'd like to do is the tri at the Heart of America Police and Fire Games in Kansas. It would be a nice set up for the Worlds in 2011. But first, the double on Sunday. I hope to get out today and ride the mtb course then hope for no rain this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Brother, The 2010 World Police & Fireman games are in Reno, NV. That's only 5 hours from Boise. Come on out-then you can DEFEND your medal at the 2011 games. BigBro

Go Big Orange\Go Big Blue

Midz said...

I think that's the Western States Police/Fire Games....but still an option and possibility