Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Starting Over

Well, I've been off for 10 days now. I've finished a great book and got some other things accomplished. I'm now on the bike team at work, I go to FTO school next month and I got some GREAT news regarding a financial situation. All that said....my hamstring isnt much better. I still have a slight twinge that concerns me. So here's the plan. I have Eureka trail race Saturday, luckily its flat. I'm going to start running again tomorrow but keep it flat, emphasize warm up/cool down and stretching. I'll hit the Stick often and probably still get a massage or two. I'm hoping to follow up thye race with an easy road ride on Sunday and I'll re-evaluate from there on how I train next week. I was really hoping to get a pre-ride in at Kickapoo on Monday, but we'll see how it goes. I end next week with Hanna City Hustle (flat 5K) and then Kickapoo MTB race on Sunday. It's going to be day to day on how things go and what kind of work I get in. I still maintain that if I'm smart and dilligent with protocol I can get through this and finish up the season with some solid efforts. I'd love to pick at least one more "A" race, but I'm just not going to put that pressure on myself until I feel healthy enough to train accordingly.

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Big Bro said...

Congrats on the Bike Patrol.