Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eureka Trail Run Recap

Well...I ran it anyway. Actually I'm not terribly upset about it. The injury thing is just frustrating. I have to take it so easy on the wet trails, particularly on the hills that I lose a lot of time. Early in the season hills were my strength. I'd actually gain spots on them, but now...not so much. I am at a walk on steep ones just nursing and babying my hamstring along. The most frustrating part is I feel like I have gas in the tank. I did stride it out and pushed at the end today for my dismal time of 25ish. I took two whole weeks off and feel like I'm not really all that much better. My back has improved, but not the leg. It just hits a certain point ad says "nope, this is all the better I'm getting." I know, I need to see someone about it. I get it, but I'm a self admitted hard head about the whole doctor thing. Big brother is right, I'm not invincible....anymore. Shootin for an easy road ride tomorrow then maybe hit Kickapoo on Monday if it dries up over there the next couple days.

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Mike Howard said...

I'll be down at Kickapoo on Sunday morning !

I havn't done any running since Jubilee so I don't know if I should do the Hanna City run or not.I'll be way sore for the Expert race of 30 miles at KMBC