Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quickie Update

Well, I finally got back on trails over the last couple days starting with a quick recon ride at Black Partridge. Stagola took me out and showed me all the new trails and what he thought was the race course. Wow, those are fun! Obviously I had a bit of an issue with Black Partridge over the last few years since my presidency with PAMBA, but I can honestly say the trails are great. I had a blast on them. Many thanks to those that have put in the time and effort the last few years. It's a great trail system. I'm going to head back out tomorrow and hit them again. I just walked in the door from a nice trail run. I was hoping for 90 minutes but ended up at just over 60 before I felt I was pushing the hammy too hard. I knew running trails was going to be the real test. Some of the short steep climbs began taking their toll. But it was still a good run and I definitely benefitted from it. The hammy is coming along. I think I just expected a little more out of it today. As I mentioned. I'll try for a mtb ride tomorrow at BP and then I'm off to STL for the weekend of dubachery. Gonna need a detox upon my return. Then it will be prepping for Swamp Dogs and BP race on the 8th and 9th.

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