Saturday, July 25, 2009


I got through the ride relatively unscathed. I didnt have ant trouble with the hammy during the ride at all and I didnt even hit the Aleve before I left. The ride itself was a good one for me, my longest of the year in fact. We did 50 miles in 3 hrs. Not a blinding pace by any means. We finished into the wind on some less than pristine roads. I had some minor cramping at about 35 miles but hit some extra Enduralites and was able to spin out of them for a strong finish. My hamstring tightened on me a little when I woke up for work but its not too bad. Overall I feel pretty good today. I'm off to bed now so I can work a double tonight. Probably take tomorrow off too unless I do some light running. That will give the hamstring a bit of a break. Then I plan on going to Black Partridge with the Stagola of Rock n rolla on Monday evening.


mattonne said...

I jacked up my right hammy about 4 years ago during a Paintball marathon, so bad that my leg turned black and drained into my ankle area, its never been the same since and its the first thing to cramp after a long careful out there Midz!!

Midz said...

Thanks, Matt. I'm trying to be smart, but I dont have much to work with.