Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Not Too Trashed

I made it through the weekend in MO. in pretty good shape. My weight by Monday morning was very manageable and I had began thr hydrating detoxing as soon as I got home on Sunday. By Monday afternoon I was ready to ride. I swung out to BP for another quick ride on the course. My legs felt pretty heavy at times, but better by the end. I needed the ride to blow my legs out a little bit. The rest of the week will be tricky to plan because not only do I have another double this weeked, but I also have a bike test at work to be on the bike team and as of now, I'm not really sure when that is. It's kind of a fly by night thing right now. It's not optimal, but the plan is to take today off, bike test on Wednesday and keep things short but solid on Th and Fri then race it up over the weekend. After that it's back to getting some speed work in for the next couple 5K's on the schedule, one trail and one road.

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