Saturday, July 18, 2009

Note to Self

When you do a trail race and follow it with a mtb race the following day, sometimes you may be a bit strained and fatigued. You might even have a twinge in your hammy. When that happens it is smart to take it easy for a few days until you are back to good health. The first day you almost feel good after some light pedaling on the RIT is NOT the right time to try and do repeat 400's and 200's. Even if in your mind "I need to get some speed workouts going again". I'm guessing that no one should do this and someone say...36 and closing in on 37 has no business at all doing it. That's just my take on it. Because here I sit now with what I will call an aggravated hamstring. It's not blown, but I would say it is slightly strained. I was hoping to get a trail ride in today, but I decided to leave my bike at the shop until Monday and see how I'm feeling. I'm now down today and I took some gravy OT tomorrow just to make sure I stay off the bike and out of my running shoes. Minor setback, but one I didnt need. I'm guessing The Stick and my new sample of Hammer Balm will be put to the test the next couple days. See ya on Monday...hopefully post-ride at Black Partridge.

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