Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still On The Mend

Every day I walk around and think to myself "yeah, its good today. I'll be able to hit it tomorrow." But then while getting out of the car, walking up from the pond, going up the stairs, or something...I get another twinge in my hamstring. I'm really frustrated and tired of it. I'm missing some crucial time running and on my bike and I know I'll pay for it later. I've continued stretching and using The Stick to alleviate some flare ups. I'm also using Hammer Balm before bed. All of it seems to be helping but I cant get over the hump. Tomorrow I have court so I'm down for sure. If all goes well I'm goint to attempt a RIT ride on Friday. Flat and easy and I wont push. Then we'll just wait and see about the weekend.

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