Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm Flyin Out...

of the Airport that is!! Tonight is my last night here for my month. I am stoked to get back in the street on Friday night. It has been a struggle to say the least. The only real positive is that I've stayed dry with all the rain. Now it would only start drying out so I can get on some trails.

I missed out on some quality rest today due to court. I need to get a short tempo type run in tomorrow and then get off my feet for Saturday's race. I REALLY want to pull off a good time for this race. I'll have many peers there and motivating me to run well. If I can run close to 22 minutes, I'll be happy. I've thought the course through several times and about how I'll approach it. The 1st half should be fast by itself. I need to find a rhythm early and just stay with it and be comfortable. The second half is when I plan on pushing. I plan on being uncomfortable towards the end and really pressing to the finish. This is the first "A" race of the year for me and will tell me a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Nice run on Sat. Did you sleep with your medal? BigBro
p.s. call your mom