Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Another 3rd

I'll go ahead and call the Run to Remember a success. My finishing time was 22:28, two seconds ahead of my goal. I also finished 3rd in my age group again this week. I ran a smarter race and stuck to the game plan for the most part which was good. And I had a very strong finish at the end. I was hoping to medal in the Cop Challenge, but wound up 5th, but in the hunt. As far as things to work on, I need to hold my speed at the 2 mile marker. I slowed down a bit there until my last sprint to the finish. I'd like to carry that speed more consistently throughout. My 3rd mile was drastically slower than the first two. My splits were something like 6:45, 14:02 and 21:52. I can work on those to hold my speed better.

Milkman put out a nice run also at the race. I think he ran his best 5K time ever. Not bad for how little the guy runs!

Since the race, I've taken it easy. A little by necessity and a little just because I wanted to rest a few days. I had a bit of a chest cold after the race, probably from little sleep going into it. Then I worked OT on Monday and got called into court Tuesday. I was hoping to catch up on some rest, so I'm kind of using today to not do much. I'm hoping to get back at it again tomorrow and at least get something in to freshen up some. I also need to look at the rest of May and see what Ive got going on. I for sure have a trail race on the 17th at Black Partridge and my fitness test for work is at the end of the month. I'd like to set a PR at my run this year. I'm still considering a Du next weekend in Hopedale. It's a little pricey, but the distance for and to the race is perfect for me right now. I'll need to really think about it the next day or two and make a decision this weekend so I can train correctly for it.

I'll post up when a decision is made and lay out the plan. I got some pics that need to go up too.

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