Monday, April 27, 2009

Outlook Is Good

Well, I have finally seen the official race results from the Wildlife Trail Classic on Saturday. The times weren't excactly impressive due to the sloppy/muddy conditions, but I put together a decent effort. I was 45 seconds off my goal time I set for the day, but I'm not terribly disapointed with it with the conditions. I haven't actually seen the medal, but I'm told I took 3rd in my age group. If so, that's the first running medal I've ever received. I left to do some trail work at Jubilee and the thought never crossed my mind I would medal. Why would it?! I've never really been that close so I just never bothered.

I think I've set myself up for a decent race this Saturday at the Run to Remember. I wish I'd have gotten something in today, but the weather has been hit or miss all day. I really wanted to get a ride in, but wasnt willing to risk getting caught in these fast moving storms we've had. Instead, I'm going back out to Jubilee to work on a couple bridges. I'll have another smart week with training and rest and keep close tabs on my diet and hydration. Unfortunately, I didnt get a pre-race weight but I'm hoping to be at 203 lbs or so for Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Race, Jamie. BigBro