Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Under the Weather

In both regards actually. We got another dumping of rain the last day or so. The trails are going to take some time to dry out. Anything I had scheduled as trail this week will be have to be altered some. Too bad, I was really hoping to get some trail time on the bike and running this week. As far as the stampede....its gonna be a no go for me. Too much going against me right now. I'm not 100% health wise right now and working my weekend so a balancing act of training and rest is big. I dont need the added pressure of making the drive after work to compete in a race I'm not prepared for. I have scheduled races starting next week so probably better I get myself ready for those. Monday and Tuesday both gonna be off days while I strictly rest and refuel to get healthy and fresh for the weeks ahead. Run to Remember is coming up and what I do now will have an impact.

Im def going to keep the Training Peaks subscription. I really like planning the workouts then plugging in the HRM info to look at later. I've found out how to include all my shoes and bikes on the program too which is cool. It's proving to be a pretty useful tool for me. Now, if I'd just get some work done all would be good with the world.

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