Thursday, April 09, 2009

To Race or Not to Race

That is indeed the question. The Sylvan Island Stampede is just over a week away and I still dont know if I'm doing it or not. I dont really need to make a hard decision until next week, but I for sure need to be thinking about it. If I could just get one or two trail rides in I'd be more confident in it, but with crazy April weather, who knows if that will happen or not. Sounds like something I should think about tomorrow hopefully getting some road miles in.

The last few days have been bad ones by all accounts. I've been pretty lazy about getting any work in. I have to stop and ask myself how bad I want it. I need to do some soul searching the next few days and find myself. One sure way to get through this airport tour is through focussed and dedicated training. I need to remember that and get after it. SIS or not, the Wildlife Trail Classic is coming up and then it looks like plenty of races after that on the calendar. This is a critical point in my training. I need to not only get through it, but make strides during this period. My mental toughness will either improve or leave me hangin when my races start. Wow, I feel better already. That's what I love about this thing.

I've included a new link in my People section. It's the blog for David Goggins. If you dont know him, check it out. He's a hero of mine and it won't take long for you to realize why and I'm sure he'll be a hero of yours too.

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