Monday, March 02, 2009

Ups and Downs

Really that's just life though, right? I'd say for sure that the past week was better that those prior. I missed a couple things for sure, but I got in some really good work too and a couple misses were out of my control. I will say that the diet took a hit a few times this week but I'll get into that more later. For now I'm gonna call it a successful week because I made progress.

As far as the diet taking a hit and maybe the biggest reason for me calling this past week good is because I have not had a dip since very early Thursday morning. To some that may not sound like much but trust me, I have struggled with it. To assist me I have probably had a few items not normally on my menu like peanut M&M's. I figure its a good trade as long as I dont go overboard with them and so far I haven't. In fact I think I will make it through the night tonight without them. I've also noticed a bit more coffee being consumed, but again...worth the tradeoff. In addition I have been having sunflower seeds, butter rum Life Savers, and some gum. Anyway, I'm proud of myself so far. I've got a long way to go and I certainly havent beat it yet, but I did today and I'll try again tomorrow and that's all the farther Im planning

I promised some bike porn......


Still like to pick up a computer and a small seat bag for it, but she's ready to ride!

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