Thursday, March 05, 2009

Closing In

The "season" that is. I worked on a race schedule again the other night and I think I can safely say that races that have some meaning to me look to start next month with a couple of trail runs. I do however have a 5K going down Saturday morning at Glen Oak Park. I have done this race before several years ago when I first started running. It was not a great effort as I remember. I'm a different runner now than I was then so hopefully it will have better results. Temps are looking pretty comfy, prob in the 40's by race time at 9 a.m. It's just another dress rehearsal really before the runs Im looking forward to start up.

Today is "the day before the day before" but I didnt quite get the sleep I wanted today and I probably went a little harder on my gravel grinder than I should have, but who cares. It was so great to be outside on a bike exploring new roads and plotting courses for future rides. It was more of a short recon mission really. All in all about 45 minutes on the Nishiki checking out some roads to hit full on in the months to come. It was a bit windy and as I expected, there are some handling issues to address. Wait til I get on the trail the first time!! That should be interesting.

Speaking of trails, I finally got over to Indy on Wednesday morning and got a little over an hour in. It was perfect. Cold enough that the trail wasnt sloppy but warm enough to be in shorts and be comfy. I will be there a lot this year as well. Hopefully on the bike very soon. Gonna enjoy this weather while I can though. It's that frustrating time of year when you want Spring to be here, but it seems to play games with us.

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