Thursday, March 12, 2009

RIP Polar S120

My HRM died on me. It's been a good nfriend the last 8 yrs or so. Tiffany bought it for me for Christ,as back in the day and I've used the heck out of it. Had to replace the strap and everything. Well, the last few weeks I noticed it was getting harder to activate and work the buttons properly like I had to really push them or hold them extra long. So yesterday I'm ending a nice 90 minute treadmill run and the thing won't stop. I was pushing and holding with all my might but it wouldnt stop. I admit to banging it my hand a few times, but nothing more. Then it just went blank. I know it wasnt the battery because I never got a low battery signal and I just changed it not too long ago. So with deep regret, I must bid my Polar S120 a farewell.

Now the search for a new HRM. I am very reliant on mine to measure recovery and keep tabs on myself in terms of what my body is telling me. The obvious choice is another Polar product, but I'm relly diggin the Timex Race models. I'm a huge fan of the Timex watches. I have bout 6 of em and they all work like new. I just get bored and see a sleeker, fancier one that I think I have to have. I'm willing to give one a try and see what I think. Timex deserves a shot. Polar has a great reputation and they are solid, no doubt. But for the money, I'm willing to give a Timex Race a shot at the title.

On a side note, I'm 100% on SF this week. Havent done that in awhile. Now maybe I can finally move up to the next level. Should've been done a month ago, but I haven't stuck to them like I should.

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