Monday, March 09, 2009

I Feel The Need...

the need for SPEED. I'm lacking it right now and I really want to find it in the next 7 weeks or so. The Jack Kenny 5K was only slightly better than my last race with a time of 23:53. On the plus side, I was much more comfortable and relaxed for this race. I had a strategy going in and even executed it for a strong finish. The only thing lacking was a better time. So what that tells me is that it I need to put some emphasis on my interval/tempo runs and maybe even add some other speed workouts to the mix like repeat 200's and 400's. May 2nd is on the horizon and that is the first of my "A" races for the year.

I've been slacking the last couple days. Not really sure what happened to day, but I didnt get any work in. Have to start fresh tomorrow with SF then a good long run Wednesday morning at Indy. I was hoping to get outside today, but thye weather isnt quite where I want it. No excuse though for not plantin my ass on the trainer for awhile.

CITRA series dates are all finalized. I'd like to hit em all this year. Have to wait and see about September. My schedule overall is shaping up. Ive got a few question marks still but I've got 12 or so solid events with probably another 10 that I'm looking at.

Going to a PAMBA meeting tonight. I havent been in a very long time. Looking forward to seeing a few people, some not so much.

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