Friday, February 20, 2009

Time To Crank It Up a Notch

Cabin fever is hitting hard, so I figure the best way to get through it is put my head down and attack it head on. That means its time to bump up the intensity a rung or two and start putting more effort into the areas I've been lacking. Simple Fit/core/stretch sessions have to get more attention...period. I also need to start being a bit more strict with my diet and overall bump up the intensity of most of my sessions. That also means that rest will be a bit more of a priority on off days and make sure recovery sessions are just that. I cant afford to get sick. The sleep thing seems to be improving, so that should help all around.

Next race for me is in a couple weeks. Just a 5K, but it will give me another chance to practice my race prep routine. I'm going to keep some 5k's on the schedule until May because I really want to do well at the Run to Remember for fallen officers. I'm going to consider that an A race this year. After that it will be building towards Berryman.

The new bike is taking shape nicely. I got the grips on yesterday and adjusted somewhat. I'm sure I'll tinker with them a bit but I think they're probably pretty close. After a backorder issue with my pedals, I should have them next week and will get the rest of the bike dialed in and hopefully start getting some gravel grinders in on it at the very least. If it stays cold, maybe even some Indy or Farmdale rides.

Tomorrow morning will either be a long ride or maybe an LT test to see where I'm at. I've never really done one before and it will be a nice tool to help monitor my progress. Then SCS in the evening before work.

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