Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Presidential Week

Well, I spent the day Thursday on a very cool detail at work. I had the liberty of working a security detail for President Obama when he came to Peoria. As he left the airport grounds, I was working security as he turned onto the first public road along the route. It was indeed an honor to take part. I had to wear my extremely uncool Garrison hat and tie, but that's o.k. I wish I had some cool story to tell to go along, but unfortunately it was uneventful other than to say I took part.

As for training this week, it has been up and down. Monday night was a nice ride with Howie on the trainer. We started a road ride, but the rain had us turning and looking for shelter. Tuesday was an off day and Wednesday I got a very nice 60+ on the treadmill. Since then it's been work. I havent had a day off since the 3rd so I've been sleeping when not at work. The schedule has been a little hectic. I was up long enough yesterday to bring the Kona home where she belongs. I got my shoes/pedals ordered and will be getting grips from Higgins on Wednesday. I'll get a pic up when she's ready to ride.

Now that there's no OT or other work details on the schedule I'm hoping to get some rest and concentrate on some well needed fueling the next couple days and get back after it again hard next week. Unfortunately the temps are in the low to mid 30's so the trails will be sloppy. Probably gonna be getting some tours of rural Peoria County in both riding and running so I can get outside . My cabin fever is starting to overcome me a little and some fresh air is mandatory.

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