Monday, February 09, 2009

Back On Track

Since my last post I've actually strung together some decent sleep. The OTC option seems to be working pretty well in turns of sleeping soundly and waking up rested without the groggy feeling some can give you. I made it out to Howie's today for what was going to be my first actual ride outside this year. Unfortunately less than 100' into the ride the rain started so we headed back in. I threw the trainer in the Jeep just in case and it ended up coming in handy. I felt decent throughout the workout today. Actually felt stronger toward the end. Tomorrow it's Simple Fit day. Wednesday I'm planning on putting together a nice 8-10 mile run here in area which could be challenging since I'm working OT tonight and tomorrow night on 3rds, but I really need a good long run.

Countdown to the bike is on. By friday afternoon it will be here and I'll have some new pedals, shoes and grips on the way soon thereafter. Gonna get that steed out on some gravel grinders and soon or snow rides if that should happen, but I want to get on it asap and get used to the feel of a mtb again.

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