Thursday, February 05, 2009

Maybe I'm on to Somethin'

Well, I tried the OTC sleep aids yesterday and they seemed to work pretty well. Combined with my abundance of sleep over my weekend I woke up last night pretty rested and refreshed. I got a nice easy 45 min spin in this morning and followed it up with another decent sleep. Tonight before work I got in my Simple Fit, core and some stretching so things are off to a better start so long as the sleep continues. I don't want to stay on the otc stuff for long as I'd rather stick with the natural Hammer product instead, but whatever it takes right now works for me. Tomorrow I've got an interval session planned on the treadmill and if all goes well I will either get a RIT ride in on Saturday or just a gravel grinder around here. Let's hope the good sleeping habits continue.

I was able to finally see the bike yesterday. It's actually better lookin than I though. It's a damn sharp lookin bike in fact! Probably gonna end up right at 30 lbs but that's not too bad for a 20" F/S bike in my opinion. Higgins is giving me some Ergon grips and I still need to get some pedals for it. I made a list of some things I need to start picking up actually but none of them are crucial so I'm not in any huge hurry. I just want that thing here. Lookin like the 13th will be the day I bring my new bundle of joy home.

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Mike Howard said...

Hope your sleep gets better! A little help is all you need some times. I tried some stuff before and I wake up in a fog...not good if I'm going to get behind a 80,000lb rig!

Temps in the high 50s and I'm stuck inside painting the bedroom !!!!!!! 24 miles yesterday !