Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Elusive Sleep

This past week has been a disaster of sorts. No sleep, no training, bad eating habits and throw in a night of drinking to top it all off. I needed a plan to get back on track. My number 1 priority was sleep. I need to get some rest. I got off work yesterday morning to start my weekend and have esentially slept roughly 19 of the last 24 hrs. Check on the sleep. I'm not going to throw anything in the mix today though. Tuesdays are an off day and I'll keep it that way. I will be watching my fuel, no cheat meals for me today. I need to clean out the system and get the engine firing on all cylinders again. I WILL be going to Indy tomorrow morning for the weekly long run. I'm not even going to put a number on it. I'm just going and running till I stop and then work from there. After that it's back to the plan. But back with some more focus and direction. Hopefully I can keep this sleep thing working as it seems to be the root of my problems. I know Hammer makes a REM cap that I've used before. No crazy chemicals, all natural stuff.Probably keep some OTC sleep aids around just in case though. If that doesn't work I'll be seeing a doc for some help. All I know is I cant keep going on like this or I wont have a season at all. And that simply isnt an option for me.

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