Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frosty My Ass....It was Frigid!!

I read the post where I predicted temps to be in the upper teens today at race time. Yeah, try 2 deg!! It was pretty cold running along the river front on a mostly snow and ice covered course. Dont get me wrong, it was enjoyable but far from a time I was looking for at that distance. I think I was right at 24 minutes and a few seconds but I'll get the official results in a few days. Going into the race I was hoping to come in under 23 min's. I won't blame the time entirely on the weather, I think my sleeping issues came into play also. My HR seemed to be pretty high, I hurt for more of it that I wanted and my recovery numbers after the race were low. I dont feel like I'm getting sick, but I have to think the sleeping issues may be causing some fatigue.....which will make me sick later if I'm not careful. Anyway, I'm not disapointed. It was a learning experience and one of those days where I found the strength to run despite all the things going against me. These kind of runs make me stronger down the road and I'll accept that.

EZ run tomorrow night before work and then it's 60 minutes of suffer in the Dungeon Monday night.

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Mike Howard said...

Missed you at the dungeon,I did simple fit first and hit the hour of spinning.The last 15 min. was at 90% and I had a good case of swamp ass...I'm spent.

Good run on the river front !