Monday, January 05, 2009

Week in Review

Lets start with the "good", tonight is my last night at the airport. That's very good! Next, I'm fairly happy with my first week adding back riding. I got better and more comfortable on the bike every time out. When I'm looking forward to the next chance I get, I know things are going well. My running was pretty solid this week to with a nice trail run and a fun tempo run added to the mix. The bike/run stuff overall went well for me.

My diet for the week will fall into the "O.K." category. Overall, not to bad but the gorging on pizza today was a hit I didn't need. I also seem to have been drawn back to Monster Assaults again. Not bad in moderation I suppose, but one/day is too many in my book. Way too much sugar. Probably going to get back to coffee now that I'm out of the airport for awhile.

The "Bad", I was lazy with my Simple Fit. I was 1/3 on it this week and that can't happen. Oddly enough I got it in the longest of the three and had a good day. One would think the other two would have been a no brainer. The added negative is that I use that time to really stretch and keep loose for the week. That can come back to hurt me sooner rather than later. Later it will just hurt worse. Just lazy! The stuff planned in the evenings seem to be the part that's giving me fits right now. I mean, what's 30 minutes of sleep anyway? I just have to be disciplined enough to get up and get it done.

I know adding another component is difficult and I was expecting to add two. No excuses though. I move on to another week which is an opportunity to improve. My focus this week will be on correcting these issues and getting the Simple Fit and any other evening stuff before work done.

On a side note, planning on a 5K on the 24th on the riverfront.

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