Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad Ending to Last Week

My week started out fine last week with a ride with Howie and a nice trail run at Jubilee on Wednesday. Unfortunately the training went downhill from there due to some surprise court appearences and some overtime. By this Sunday I was getting frustrated and was a bit of an ass. I made it through til today and got my strength session in this morning. I was like a new person. Tomorrow morning I'll get a 60 min run in on the treadmill. The temps for the rest of the week are looking pretty nasty with snow and wind chills of -25 til Friday. Better Keep it indoors the next few days.No worries though. I've been pretty lucky to be outside as much as I have.

The new bike should be in by now. I'll slide over this week and put a little more money down on it. I'll be hitting Indy pretty hard both running and on the bike starting next week. If you train at Indy your racing improves at about all the other parks around here.

Missed the PAMBA meeting tonight. Just totally forgot about it. I was hoping to start hitting some meetings again. Have to wait til February now.

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Mike Howard said...

I did my first week of that body workout ! keep it up ! See Ya Monday ?