Monday, January 19, 2009

Sleep Troubles

Last week had another sketchy ending to it. It started off fine again through Wednesday but that's when my problems really started. For some reason for the next few days I had trouble sleeping. I went to sleep fine but after about 3 hrs. I would wake up and not be able to go to sleep again until about 7:30. So when the alarm went off to get up and get some work done I was so dead that I couldnt make myself get it done and would end up sleeping till 9. By Friday this sleep pattern was wearing on me. I was irratable, groggy all the time and just had no real ambition. Not sure if it was the extreme cold I was working in at night or just the recently added workload getting to me or what. At that point I just put training on hold and concentrated on rest for the next few days. I just made myself not get worked up over the lack of training and made sleep a priority. So here I am back to Monday well rested and looking forward to some dungeon time with Howie. Hopefully my body can stay adjusted and get me through the week with some time of pattern being established.

Temps are looking better this week so hopefully I can get back outside by Wednesday morning. I'm going to try the Indy thing again and start hitting those trails hard both running and on the bike. Speaking of which is in and I need to go see it and give those guys a little more money. I'd like to have that thing by the end of the month so I can start getting some rides in on it. I'm still hoping to do a trail duathlon at the end of April and will need all the bike time I can get.....especially on a mtb.

Frost 5K on the riverfront this Saturday. No expectations. Just want to race and practice weekly prep.

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