Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Hate Court

Yeah, but its part of the job I guess. I had my best bike session so far on Monday night with Howie. I really pushed myself and made it count. It was absolutely the best I've felt since my "mini comeback". So Tuesday I wait around all day on a court call in only to find out that I wouldn't be needed at all on Tuesday but at 8:30 Wednesday morning.....when I was planning to be about an hour into a great trail run at Indy. To make matters worse I was there until noon which pretty much killed the entire day since I needed to eat lunch and try and get to bed yet before I went back to work. I made the most of it though. I woke up rested with plenty of time to get a short run in on the treadmill last night before work then followed it up this morning with a short easy spin on the trainer while Tiffster walked on the treadmill. It was nice actually. Plus I made a little extra cash for the court appearence.

I'll probably relax the rest of the day and hit SF tonight. I dont want to push myself too much though as I have the Frosty 5K on Saturday morning. Tomorrow I'll get a short tempo run in to get my legs loose for the race. I slept good yesterday so hopefully that will set the trend for the week and I can be rested well for Saturday. Lookin like some cooler temps for the race, probably in the upper teens or early 20's come race time. I'll make my list today for attire and pre-race prep.

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