Thursday, December 18, 2008

Simply Getting Fit...and Other Rantings

Started Simple Fit on Tuesday and went o.k. I guess. I did not feel very strong though. Pretty sure I was still fighting my cold since I slept for like 12 hrs on Wednesday. Hit it again today and felt a little better. Gonna be a good thing for me though, plus I throw in some core work ad a good stretch to finish it off.

So the dates came out for the trail du series I was looking at in Kansas. Unfortunately they are in March and April which puts me on the clock, but I can pull it off. I think I then want to start training for a 6hr. endurance Trail Du at Berryman in August. I know I said I wasnt in any hurry to do endurance stuff again, but I like the training and the mental toughness it gives me. I will be mre careful this time and watch my weight and make sure it stays up. I can balance the training and strength if I'm diligent, plus it will add to the challenge. I'll still do some road du's too, but my focus right now is these races.

As for the bike search, believe it or not I'm eyeing the Stumpjumper Comp HT now. I think with a susp seat post it will fit the bill. The problem with the newer f/s's is that they keep adding travel to the forks. I dont get it. Kona Four replaced with Onetwenty, 08 Stumpy FSR 4" compared to ther '09 with 5". So I'm taking a stance with a HT and gonna do it all "old school".

So anyway, I'm narrowin' it down and getting focussed on some good stuff for '09. Just gotta be ready by March now!!

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