Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays....from PIA

Christmas at the airport, does it get more festive? I cant believe the people traveling on Christmas morning. Alittle crazy if you ask me. I'm just puttin on my big smile and wishing them all the best and holiday wishes and such. Actually, its been a pretty pleasant morning so far. About 30 minutes to go and its homeward bound with the Tiffster.

On the bike front, what about a 29er? It's race worthy, a little extra shock absorbtion, nice rolling for technical sections. I'm just not sold on the idea, mostly because I'm a traditionalist I think. But what's "traditional" about a F/S 26" these days with all the technology involved? I WILL be putting money down on a bike come next Friday. Even if its just an open account at little Ades with bike TBD.

Simple Fit going o.k. still. I'm just really weak right now it seems. I'm not happy with my strength at all. Unfortunately my running has been suffering some as well as in, not been getting it in. That needs to change pretty quick. The bike is in the trainer though and it is far past time to get some saddle time in as well. As I mentioned before, March and the Fat Tire Du Series will be here soon and I have a lot of work to do. Time to start posting my weekly training schedule to help me stick to it.

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