Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Race Good, Days Following...Not So Much

Well the FOLEPI race went great for me. I ran 30:09 and averaged 7:32 miles. I'm pretty stoked about that. I felt strong and my legs felt fresh which tells me I did things right leading up to the race. It's a great place to be for this time of year and will be a great measuring stick for my progress. Unfortunately everything has went downhill from there. I followed the race up with multiple days of terrible eating and VERY little sleep and no follow up runs or recovery work. The worst of which was last night when I continued some unhealthy eating and topped it off with a large amount of booze at our work Christmas party. The result was that I am now fighting a cold/sore throat and know that I'm in need of some detoxing to clean my system up. Looks like I'll be spending at least the next few days fighting this cold off and attempting to rest when I can between OT shifts at work.

It is what it is though and I put myself here. Now I just have to take the steps to get back right again. I'll manage, just gonna take a few days. Looks like Simple Fit will start next week.

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mattonne said...

I'm not think as you drunk I am ociffer!

Howdy Midz!